I woke up yesterday to a wonderful story on NPR: a new study has been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concerning one of the many benefits of caffeinated coffee. Evidently, drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes by half. An article in the Arizona Central states, “the study’s co-author stressed that no one should conclude that coffee is a ‘magic bullet.’” Perhaps this study alone is not sufficient to conclude that coffee is the drink of the gods, but all the evidence taken together is quite compelling. A study in 2002 showed positive effects of coffee on memory in the elderly (Ryan, Hatfield, & Hofstetter, 2002, “Caffeine Reduces Time-of-Day Effects on Memory Performance in Older Adults,” Psychological Science, 13(1), 68-71). I’ve found references to several other studies showing that coffee reduces the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and even impotence and pregnancy (though the “magic bullet” warning seems particularly appropriate here…).

A fig for tea-drinkers: I raise my cup to coffee!

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