JokeofAllTrades.com is hosted by the wonderful folks at Webquarry. They provide cheap hosting with virtually unrestricted CGI capability, PHP4, MySQL, PERL5, Linux shell access and just about anything else I could hope for. The coding for the site was/is all done character by character in TextPad under heavy use of caffeine and/or ethanol. I use WordPress to manage the site now. The design is my own, however, with the exception of the page tabs, which I stole from some online tutorial. Each page is coded to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium’s XHTML 1.1 Transitional recommendation and styled with valid CSS. I tried to make my pages more accessible, before I gave up making them at all. Any modern browser with a scrap of self-respect should be able to display my pages in a sensible and consistent manner. The site is now hosted on my own home server, so don’t be surprised if it goes down for long periods of time.

Joke of All Trades?

I began signing e-mails with “Joke of All Trades” my junior year in college. I was feeling a bit… spread thin, trying to triple-major and participate in student government and party and play soccer and rule the world, and failing miserably at all of it. I wanted a fancy sign-off for messages I sent to a mailing list for the Trash Can Sinatras, one of the greatest pop bands the world has ever seen. It began as a whim, it stuck as an identity. I can’t explain it better than that.

As for the website, it’s pure vanity. An exercise in exercises. I wanted to learn a little HTML, so I built a website. I wanted to run some scripts, so I had to pay for hosting. It was a short jump to buying a domain name, and my name was already taken. I didn’t have any other nicknames that I wanted to perpetuate, so “Joke of All Trades” won by process of elimination, mostly.

I know I don’t have enough “content” to warrant a website. And writing is excruciatingly painful for me. I hate writing. So I figure by having a website, where the whole world can see my “blog” and watch me fail to write, would encourage me to learn to dislike writing a little less. I don’t want everyone to see what a total slacker I really am. I guess the joke’s on me?

Who of All Trades?

Joke of All Trades. Rhymes with my last name: Hoke. By the way, my name’s Michael Hoke. I was born in 1975, I have quasi-excellent taste in pop music, I love good beer and wine, I play bad chess, and I am now a first-year associate at a law firm in Boston, MA. FunFun.

The Joke’s on You

You weren’t hoping to find anything useful here, were you?