[img] Me rocking the flu [36K]

Me, so sick last week that all color had left the world [photo courtesy my new digicam]

Last week sucked. I was sick, and being sick sucks. Plus, a whole bunch of other suckage contributed to the overall suck-fest. I’m pretty sure I almost died Tuesday night, before the fever broke, and I was having difficulty speaking for a couple of days. But I am better now, and by “better” I mean “able to breathe.” So the suckage is subsiding. Plus, I start my vacation in three more days, so my vision is starting to get all rosy-colored and everything looks that much more pleasant. Big company party tomorrow night (tonight! look at the time!) and then the final episode in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and on Thursday I get a pizza party, and then a free lunch on Friday, so this week is all peaches but the cream.

Pointless update, I know. But really, they all are.

NP: Circulatory System, Inside Blasts