Not that it matters much, but I spent tonight making a few small but nifty changes to the ol’ website. First, I added a “robots.txt” file to tell spiders and crawlers which pages should be indexed. You won’t notice any difference as a result, of course (unless you happen to be one of said spiders/crawlers…), but it sure will clean up my referrer logs, which tend generally to be a big mess of 404s.

In a further effort to clean the logs, I have also added the all-important “favicon.ico” icons to my pages. If you are accessing my pages using Internet Explorer, you are unlikely to notice any change, unless you bookmark my page. Netscape 6+/Mozilla and Opera users (as well as Safari, I believe, though I need to check on that) should see a small JokeofAllTrades icon in the address bar of their browser (if the bar is displayed), and as an added bonus it should match the selected skin/color scheme for the site. Pointless? Yes, of course. But moderately fun for me, and no trouble for you.

NP: Pineforest Crunch, Situation Endless