I’ve finally done it. I’ve gotten rid of that horrid page I designed three months ago and have replaced it with something slightly less horrid. I hope you like it. At least, I hope you dislike it less than the last version. Over the next few days, I’ll convert the rest of the site to conform to the new format, with a few additional changes in places to keep things lively. Oh, I do hope you like it!

JoAT v2.2 offers the following advantages over its predecessor:

  • It looks prettier
  • It’s more customizable
  • It’s easier to maintain
  • It makes me happier

Eh. None of that is actually true. There is no JoAT v2.3. This is plain ol’ JoAT v2.2, only older. The only thing new here is my half-hearted resolve to occasionally post some vague and toothless thoughts about this thing I nominally call my life.

Because the entirety of my conscious life is now spent at work, and because I have no regular outside hobbies, passions, activities or pursuits, I don’t have a whole heap to talk about. I’m sorry if you somehow stumbled across this page and actually spent valuable time reading any of this, but I really can’t be held responsible for your stupidity. Unless perhaps if you were a student of mine. Then you can probably blame a large portion of your stupidity on me. But I’m sure you deserved it.

Anywho, I’m back, for now. Go forth and celebrate.

NP: Garmarna, En Gång Ska Han Gråta [One Day He’ll Cry]